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Everything you need to GRO your oily business at your fingertips. Try out GROworkspace with a free account that includes essential classes for you to share with others, business training to learn the ins-and-outs of the business, and our 90 days of IPAs Bootcamp to stay focused and GRO.


GRO your team and your business faster by letting us do all the design and content creation. Use your own brand and voice to make any of our tools and resources your very own.



Class Scripts

We do the work so you can spend time inviting and following up with your prospects. Save time with ready-to-use scripts designed for facebook, home, or webinar classes.

Sharable Sway Links

Sharing a class is as easy as copy-and-paste with these Sway links. Sway links are customizable and easy to educate your members with the click of a button.

Webinar Slides

Can't seem to get your friends to a home class?  No problem! Host an online webinar class with our home class script and beautiful ready-to-use webinar slides.

Monthly IPA Calendars

New calendars released each month with daily Income Producing Activities for new or experienced builders to strategically tackle their daily to-do'.


Comprehensive training Bootcamps designed for new and experienced builders to GRO like BOSS and Get Ridiculous Outcomes.

Young Living Business Training

Step-By-Step business training that will teach you how to GRO your Young Living Business and help you stay organized and motivated.

Printable Handouts

Class worksheets and information handouts designed for your virtual or home class attendees to stay focused, make wishlists, and jot down their thoughts

Monthly Newsletters

Save time and energy when you use our ready-to-send Newsletters are filled with announcements, YL promotions, and fun product education.

Professional Photography

The endless web search for photos that "kind of look like what you are trying to teach" is over. Each class comes with a library of photography that corresponds to products and topics within the respective class!


Do you want to work smarter not harder?

Sign up and download free 90 day IPA checklist for laser focused activities that will take 15 minutes and have you earning income like a BOSS.

"I.P.A." stand's for Income Producing Activities. And who doesn't love income?!

When you enter your email you will not only gain access to your checklist but you will also receive a link to the exclusive Facebook group where you can follow along as we take you through 90 days of productivity with even more guidance, examples, and resources for you to succeed!

Snag your FREE 90 Days of IPA's Checklist

Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton

Crown Diamond

"GROworkspace is the most simple, comprehensive, & effective resource and tool for business builders at any level. Don't re-create the wheel! The GRO team has built an amazing community and set of tools to help anyone succeed in this business!"

Jessica Lederer

"I am a GOLD leader with 388 members , wife to a self-employed husband, and a homeschooling momma to six-(ages 1-9), so you could say BUSY is our way of life! I wanted to steward and love on my people and find my own flair but finding the time to research and execute was super difficult. THEN I found GROworkspace! It has not only transformed my business but also our family! There is so much education written in a fun way and I can put my own spin on it and beautiful unbranded graphics I can use! I have been able to use it to connect, build relationships and education members deep in my legs. I FINALLY feel like I can fit my business in my life!"

Kimberly Twardoski

Silver Leader with Team Seed to Soul

"I loved the Tis the Season class y’all posted! There was a direct connection to my OGV after teaching the class online. And it was ZERO prep work for me!! I cannot tell you how grateful I am to y’all. My husband travels on average 26 days a month, and I have two full of life boys that aren’t yet in grade school, I’m part of two women’s ministries and volunteer. Finding time for my business is HARD - but THIS makes it easy!!! Thank you!!!!"

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GRO your team and your business faster by letting us do all the design and content creation. Use your own brand and voice to make any of our tools and resources your very own.