Start each month off right with a ready-made newsletter, your daily To-Do list designed to help you focus on Income Producing Activities (I.P.A.s), and more!

Plan includes...


Are you too busy to draft a beautifully curated and timely email at the beginning of each month to share with your team? No problem. 

Our monthly newsletter will include:

  • YL promos for the U.S. market.
  • Two to four extra products that you can choose to include in your newsletter to educate your members (one will be an everyday product, one will be a “business” oil such as Abundance, Believe, and Highest Potential)
  • Photos and graphics.


Stay on track with this customized monthly printable calendar of daily Income Producing Activities. This calendar correlates with our 90 Days of IPA's Bootcamp, Business Training lessons, and monthly classes. It will also provide you with unique IPA's every month that correspond with event's, announcements, and activities in the YL world like rallies, holiday catalog releases, and convention.


Learn how to thrive in your profession with essential oils and how to build residual income along the way! Professionals from all backgrounds will help educate you on how to use Young Living products to support your health and well-being, the health of those around you, and on how to build a Young Living business.

EXPLORE: Wellness, Purpose, & Abundance

Explore the Young Living Starter Kit options, learn how to live a life of wellness, and discover the "who", the "what", and the "why" to invest in your future and to create a life of freedom.


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