What Is GROworkspace?

Everything you need to GRO your oily business at your fingertips. Access to an ever-growing library of resources such as videos, PDFs, tutorials, classes, and more.

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Premium Membership Includes...

Product Education Classes & Resources

Everything you need to teach home and online classes, including scripts, videos, handouts, graphics, unbranded photography and more. New classes and graphics added monthly.

Young Living Business Training

Step-by-step business training that will teach you how to grow your Young Living business and help you stay organized & motivated.

Income Producing Bootcamp

A comprehensive training Bootcamp with daily income producing activities for new or experienced builders to strategically tackle their daily to-do's.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 different plan options...

BASIC Membership:

Start each month off right with a ready-made newsletter and your daily To-Do list designed to help you focus on Income Producing Activities (I.P.A.s).

PRO Membership

Become a business savvy PROfessional and #KnowYourStuff with 48+ business training lessons and monthly product education classes for you to use to teach others.

The PREMIUM Bundle Membership:

Have your essential-oil-infused-cake and eat it too with this ALL-IN-ONE amazingly priced offer. This bundle has it all. Not only do you get the business training, IPA resources, monthly newsletter, classes, worksheets and unbranded photography, but you gain access to our amazing Facebook community and exclusive Aroma Freedom Technique workshops each month to help you work through roadblocks and envision your life of Wellness, Purpose, & Abundance. I mean... what more could you need?

There is no trial period for the BASIC or PRO membership however everything that is included in those plans are included in the PREMIUM BUNDLE membership and you get a free 7 day trial when you sign up with the PREMIUM BUNDLE membership.

Classes are written per US compliance guidelines. However due to human error we cannot guarantee it is 100% compliant. If you have a concern about language in the content not being compliant,  you can email [email protected] with the subject - "Compliance question" and copy and paste the text being questioned in the body of the email. We will double check with Young Living.

Content is created for the US market. However several GRO members in other markets use our base content and tweak the language to comply with their markets compliance.

We do our best to offer alternative content for Canadian, European, and Australian markets when we can but we cannot guarantee that all content will have these alternative offerings at this time.

What people are saying about GROworkspace...

Kimberly Twardoski

Silver Leader with Team Seed to Soul

"I loved the Tis the Season class y’all posted! There was a direct connection to my OGV after teaching the class online. And it was ZERO prep work for me!! I cannot tell you how grateful I am to y’all. My husband travels on average 26 days a month, and I have two full of life boys that aren’t yet in grade school, I’m part of two women’s ministries and volunteer. Finding time for my business is HARD - but THIS makes it easy!!! Thank you!!!!"

Jessica Lederer

"I am a GOLD leader with 388 members , wife to a self-employed husband, and a homeschooling momma to six-(ages 1-9), so you could say BUSY is our way of life! I wanted to steward and love on my people and find my own flair but finding the time to research and execute was super difficult. THEN I found GROworkspace! It has not only transformed my business but also our family! There is so much education written in a fun way and I can put my own spin on it and beautiful unbranded graphics I can use! I have been able to use it to connect, build relationships and education members deep in my legs. I FINALLY feel like I can fit my business in my life!"

Transform your Young Living Business in 90 Days

Do you want to work smarter not harder?

Download this free 90 day IPA checklist for laser focused activities that will take 15 minutes and have you earning income like a BOSS.

"I.P.A." stand's for Income Producing Activities. And who doesn't love income?!

When you enter your email you will not only gain access to your checklist but you will also receive a link to the exclusive Facebook group where you can follow along as we take you through 90 days of productivity with even more guidance, examples, and resources for you to succeed!

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FREE and SHAREABLE resources

Dive in and learn about essential oils and get a brief overview of the business opportunity with our "EXPLORE: Wellness, Purpose, & Abundance" course or listen to 20+ professionals in 15 different fields talk about how they use essential oils and oil infused products in their profession in the "Essential Oils For Professionals" resource.

Explore: Wellness, Purpose, & Abundance

A free resource to learn about and explore the different Young Living Starter Kit options, how to live a life of wellness, and to discover the "who", the "what", and the "why" for investing in your future and creating a life of freedom.

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Essential Oils For Professionals

Professionals from all backgrounds help educate on how to use Young Living products to support their health and well-being, the health of those around them, and how to build a Young Living business.

Access This Free Resource

Ready to Improve your Health + Wellness?

- 28 to Elevate -

Take Your Health to the Next Level with this 28-day program in which you will be personally guided to make simple and effective shifts in everyday life for sustainable change.

We will give you tools to improve your health and wellness and offer daily essential oil tips so that you feel more energized, self-confident, and look your best. Arm yourself with everything you need for a safe and satisfying 5-day Clean Eating Cleanse in the final week.

Now Only $4.95!

Start Your Transformation Today!

The 28 day program includes...

Week One will FOCUS On The FUNDAMENTALS. You will establish your goals for the weeks ahead and explore tools and resources for mind+body awareness.

Week Two is all about FOOD and FITNESS. You will learn tips for healthy eating and get awesome resources that will help you stay on track with your goals.

Week Three will DIVE DEEPER into areas of your life that always need some TLC (like tips for managing occasional stress and freeing yourself of toxins in your home, your beauty bag, and your relationships).

Week Four will guide you through a 5-Day Clean Eating Cleanse. You will get a downloadable guide filled with:

  • Valuable information on detoxifying foods
  • A comprehensive grocery shopping list
  • Recipes for all 5 days (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
    Tips for healthy snacks
  • A daily checklist to keep you on track
  • And a week-long workout plan

The program is for anyone! Each day we will offer suggestions and tips for using essential oils and oil-infused products from Young Living, but they are NOT required to experience the program.

So, grab a friend and experience 28 days of transformation!


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