Keep your Young Living® business growing and thriving in the new year by trying out some of these trends.


The world of online marketing is always growing and changing which makes it hard to keep up with at times. But instead of being overwhelmed and discouraged, why not get excited about all the new opportunities to spread the word of YL products and start seeing your business grow. Here are the top trends we think you should try in 2023.


Create Short and Entertaining Videos


If you use Instagram for marketing, you already know that Reels have taken over that platform. And they’re getting more popular on Facebook as well. TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps in the world, and it is NOT just for kids dancing. YouTube Shorts are also in the game. So if practically all the major social media platforms are favoring short videos, this is an obvious trend you can’t ignore.


The easiest way to start creating these videos is to keep it as simple as possible and post on a regular basis. Posting even a couple videos per week on your favorite social media channel is going to quickly add up to big results, help grow your audience, and help you stand out from the other YL brand partners out there.


When creating your videos, keep them short, get to the point quickly, and include a lot of value for the viewer. Start making it a habit to record what’s called “B Roll” footage on your phone whenever you go out. This can be things like video of the sky, a sunset, pretty architecture, a nice landscape, flowers, etc., and you’re going to use it as background for a video that has attention-grabbing text on top. Add in a trending audio or song, and there you have it! Short and entertaining content. You can repurpose these videos on multiple platforms to expand your reach too.


Make Sure Your Customer Experience is Outstanding


At the end of the day, if someone orders from you and has a bad experience, they’re not very likely to order again. Stay ahead of the game and troubleshoot before that person even places an order. If you know there are some tricky spots in the ordering process or people come to you multiple times with the same question, make a little “before you order” guide that you send out to everyone first.


Any opportunity to go “above and beyond” is going to stand out to the customer and lead them to tell their friends about you or post about their amazing experience on social media. You can then re-share those as testimonials to show other people how awesome your business is, and this helps build trust in your audience. Humans naturally trust brands more when they see other people raving about them, so let yours stand out with the best customer service out there.


Build and Nurture Your Email List


Email is going to be a major player in the online marketing world in 2023. Some experts are recommending sending out an email every single day to your list! But if that seems a little overwhelming, even just one per week or one per month will suffice to make sure your list knows you’re still around and still care.


To build your email list, create an enticing freebie offer that they can receive in exchange for their email address. This could be a healthy living checklist, detox 101 guide, mini-masterclass for eliminating toxins from your house… whatever you think your target audience would be most excited about. And if you don’t have time to create your own, definitely check out our FREE Beginner’s Guide to Natural Living. It comes with a FREE lead magnet you can use right away, and if you’re using GetOiling, you can get it uploaded in seconds! And if you don’t use GetOiling yet but are interested in making the switch, click HERE for all the info.


Then, once you have your lead magnet ready to go, you promote it on social media and get people to opt-in… and, poof! You have an email list!


What do you send them? Great question. You can send them personalized notes, product updates, seasonal ideas, tips, inspiration, life updates, sales promos… anything, really! This is not a place to hold back. Your email list is one of your most engaged audiences so embrace it.


Post Content that Requires Interaction


Getting someone to take action is the whole point of marketing, but since peoples’ attention spans are so short these days it can be a bit tricky. Posts where you have to scroll through, leave a comment, or share with a friend help keep your audience engaged.


Another great idea for content that requires action is to create a quiz. People LOVE learning more about themselves, and a quiz is a very clever way to give them what they want while also getting something for yourself in return… ie: engagement or their email address!


Even using the different question, poll, or sliding scale stickers on Instagram Stories is a great example of requiring interaction. Try adding these into your strategy and see if your engagement goes up!


Embrace Live Video and Use it Regularly


Did you know that people spend on average three times longer watching live video than they do pre-recorded video? What a great opportunity! And in most cases, once you go Live, you can choose to keep the video up as a post. There’s a natural curiosity or FOMO when people see that little “Live” content that catches their attention so it’s a great way to get your message out there. When you start your live video, just jump right in. If you spend too much time waiting for people to jump on or saying “hi” to everyone, you’re increasing the chances of people getting bored and scrolling on by. 


This tip also ties into making your content interactive because once you’re live you can ask your viewers questions and have them respond in the comments - or you can open the floor to let them ask you questions, and give live answers.


The Best Marketing Trend to Try is the One You Will Follow Through On


Which one of these are you most excited about? They all have a lot of potential to help your Young Living® business growth in the new year and beyond. Pick one or two that you want to try and stick with them. Every small step you take adds up to a big difference in your results.