Discover how a little bit of strategic planning can go a long way to help you rank advance and make more income in your YL business this year.


Do you know that you need to get out there more on social media or in your email list to talk about all of the Young Living® products that you love and sell, but are too scared to come off as “salesy?” Or maybe you see everything you “should” be doing from higher ranks than you and don’t even have the energy to start because it seems like a lot of work and very confusing.


All of those are valid points! Online marketing can be overwhelming when you’re first getting started, but the learning curve flattens out quite easily with the right guidance.


These are the top 3 steps that you can apply to your YL business and watch your DMs light up, see your sales notifications start dinging, and grow a team of people just as excited as you are about not only the products, but the business opportunity as well.


TIP 1: Stand Out from the Crowd to Attract Your Dream Customers


What do you do when you’re selling the same products that thousands of other people are selling? You just be YOU and you get really really clear on who it is you’re selling to. Dream customer, ideal client avatar, target persona - there are a million marketing “terms” for this person, but the more intimately you know them, the easier it will be to sell to them.


Give them a name, age, title, interests, hobbies… you can even find a photo if you’d like. The more you know about them, the easier it will be to create marketing materials that they will find useful and that will entice them enough to take action.


And what does “just be YOU” actually mean? Great question. Use conversational copy in your posts and website copy which means write like you talk. If you have certain catch-phrases ir “isms” go ahead and use them. Try not to sound like your upline or any coaches you have been working with. It’s easy to accidentally let another person’s “voice” slip into your messaging because you consume it so much, but do your best to truly stay true to yourself, your beliefs, and your own unique style. That’s what will make you really stand out from all of the other social sellers out there.


TIP 2: Have a Solid Marketing Plan


Winging it will only get you so far in this business. You’ll probably make a few sales here and there, your check might cover the cost of your oils, but if you really want to take it seriously and build a business that can cover your mortgage, be a consistent source for the college fund, or replace your 9-5, you need a plan of attack.


What social media channels will you be using? Are you building a website? What emails are you sending out? What classes or get togethers are you hosting? Listing these out all at once can seem like it’s way too much to sort out and execute, but when you spread it out over the course of a year, you’ll quickly see just how do-able it is.


Did you know that a whole year’s worth of marketing strategy can be mapped out in under 30 minutes? And that it’ll take you two hours or less to implement each week?


If you can carve out 30 minutes to start and 2 hours per week, you can have a thriving YL business. But it all starts with a plan. So write out your goals, create a calendar or spreadsheet, and get going! (Or read to the end because there’s an even easier way to do it we’ll be sharing with you.)


TIP 3: The funds are in the follow-through, so now it’s time to implement.


You need a plan, but if you don’t do anything with your plan, you’re back to square one. You need to commit to the execution. And remember - comments or responses to your posts might trickle in slowly at first, but if you stay committed and consistent, you’ll start reaping the rewards. Not every email or visit to your website will result in the sale, but that’s okay. Focus on the next thing on your plan and just keep going. You being there day in and day out will get you noticed from your ideal customers because so many other people start full of steam, but then take their foot off of the gas too soon. Not you. Stick to your plan and you’ll be seeing results in no time.

BONUS TIP: Make it even easier on yourself with Master Your Marketing for Young Living® Brand Partners.


Creating a plan from scratch is doable, but having one handed to you that you just customize is desirable. And that’s what Master Your Marketing really is. It’s a super easy plug-n-play marketing system to get valuable hours back in your day while making moves in your business. This online support system will give you the road map you need to drop all of the beautifully crafted YL materials into your calendar, and then just hit publish. A lot of brand partners join this company with hopes of having a lot of extra time to spend with their family, but what actually happens is that they spend every extra hour putting together a social media post or marketing email. This plan will help you feel confident in selling, be super efficient with your time, and start reaching brand new audiences and growing your network.

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