As wellness and holistic living experts and business owners, aligning your content with the changing seasons is a powerful strategy that not only resonates with your audience but also adds value to their lives. 


As Young Living® brand partners, focusing on topics that are relevant to the times can easily lead to deeper connections and engage your audience in a personal and meaningful way. 


In this article, we do a deep dive into the significance of seasonal sharing and how directing your focus to back-to-school wellness during the late summer and early fall months can have a positive impact on your Young Living® marketing, provide an added level of value to your customers, and lead to more repeat customers and higher sales.


The Influence of Seasonal Content


Creating content that matches up with the current season is a tried-and-true, strategic approach that has a lot of different benefits. When your audience finds that your content addresses their current needs and concerns, they are more likely to engage and resonate with your message. This seasonal and thoughtful approach at marketing shows off your commitment to their well-being and positions you as a valuable source of information and solutions. You now become the go-to expert for all things YL… all year round.


Embracing Back-to-School Wellness


As the back-to-school season arrives, families, educators, and students are seeking ways to enhance their wellness during this transitional period. We all know that once those kids are back in the classroom, health and wellness is particularly important to keep control of as much as possible.


Focusing on back-to-school wellness topics not only meets the needs of your audience but also positions you as a relevant and trusted resource. Here are some of the best resources and classes we offer to guide your wellness-focused content so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and you can incorporate seasonal sharing into your content strategy right away!


Young Living® for Teachers: Empower educators to step into the classroom with renewed vitality and mental clarity through the use of essential oils.


The Oily ABCs: Engage both kids and parents with this interactive and educational activity that combines learning and the benefits of essential oils.


Back to School Wellness: Explore a comprehensive class that delves into a holistic approach to supporting wellness during the back-to-school transition.


Back to School with EO: Provide practical guidance on incorporating essential oils into daily routines, from morning rituals to focused study sessions.


Oils for College Students: Address the specific wellness needs of college students, offering solutions that align with their unique lifestyle and challenges.


Explore Our Back-to-School Classes by clicking HERE. Plus get 10% off this bundle of back to school sharable resources now!


Ready to empower your audience with insightful back-to-school wellness content? 


As you’ll see when you start browsing, our shop offers an array of classes designed to meet the needs of parents, teachers, and students alike. These resources are tailored to the season, making them valuable tools to enhance your Young Living® business and provide meaningful solutions.


And if you don’t decide to purchase one of our products, we hope that these bundles inspire you and give you your own ideas of what seasonal sharing can look like for your unique brand and audience.


Get creative and have fun! 


As you prepare to educate, empower, and inspire your audience with the benefits of essential oils for the back-to-school season, remember that your dedication to timely and relevant content can make a lasting impact. And to take these tips and lessons and apply them to all seasons, events, special occasions, and holidays.


Your audience will love the time and care you put into such timely and helpful content.



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