Products evolve and change, so your best bet is to be prepared and know how to respond and pivot quickly. Here’s how.

As you probably know by now, YL is sunsetting their Savvy Minerals makeup line. For those of you who built your business on makeup, this may sound like discouraging news, but it doesn’t have to be! You can absolutely keep growing your YL business, you just have to open yourself up to new opportunities and possibilities.


Why Young Living® Decided to End Savvy Minerals

There’s no doubt that Savvy is an amazing product line. The makeup is beautiful, safe to use, high-quality, and so many people love it. But that doesn’t mean it should stay. 


As every good company should, Young Living® uses inventory optimization which means they take a deep dive into their product portfolio to look at a variety of things such as market saturation and declining sales. From there, they create strategic plans to address products that are either redundant or simply aren’t performing well.


The analysis of Savvy determined that the line isn’t part of the products that create the majority of the sales and due to that and additional factors, Young Living has decided to sunset the Savvy line. Removing this line allows them to focus their efforts on the products and technology that will allow the company, and you, to thrive!


Think About How to Keep Serving Your Customers with YL Products

 If makeup was the majority of your business, it’s obviously not fun to hear that the line is being discontinued. But this is also a great opportunity to do some reflection on why you do this in the first place, and if at the core it’s to be of service to others, then you still have a great opportunity to keep your business thriving. Here’s how:


Think about your customer. Go deep. So you were selling makeup before, right? But what were you really selling? Confidence. Happiness. Motivation. Joy. Enthusiasm! We are never *really* selling a product. We are selling a feeling. So how can you help your customer achieve that desired feeling using YL products other than makeup?


Maybe it’s skincare. Maybe it’s supplements. Whatever you think will help them most, that’s what you get to go all-in on for this next chapter of your business.


Educate Your Audience with a New High-Value Freebie Opt-in

 You’re not just going to flip a switch and have your whole client base and audience know you for a brand new product or service. You’re going to need to educate them first. So a great idea for you to try is creating a new high-value freebie that helps them learn more about the other products you offer and why they would benefit from them and help make their life easier, be healthier, or finally prioritize their wellness.


Start with a long-form piece of content that explains the sunsetting of Savvy and what to expect from you next. This can be in the form of a blog or YouTube video, for example. Educate them and flood them with value, then offer the freebie so they give you their email address in exchange. Now you have the opportunity for even more nurturing and education via the emails you send out, so they know that you’re still there to support them on their health and wellness journey.


It’s important not to prejudge your audience. Sure, some people might be sad and leave your list because they can’t get their makeup from you anymore. But the truth is, most of them love you so much already that they’ll be excited to learn about other products you can offer them because they already know, like, and trust you.


Go Live on Social for a Q&A

 Another great opportunity here is to go Live for a Q&A session on social media. You can have people comment live with questions or do some posts asking what questions they have in advance and then answer them on the Live. Your audience is going to love your transparency in the whole situation, and answering their questions is not only helpful to them, but helpful to you, too.


Each and every question that they answer is content for a post. That’s how you “get in the head” of the people you are marketing to. You listen to the questions that are coming in, and then create content that answers all of those questions. Again - always go back to serving. How can you continue to serve your people without the product that’s being discontinued? That’s where you need to shift your energy to, and don’t be shy about it, either! Showing up Live is an amazing way to connect and show how much you genuinely care.


Choose to Focus on the Opportunity, not the Disappointment

 You’re naturally going to feel sad, frustrated, or even scared when a product that you have based your business on is discontinued, and that’s totally normal. The deciding factor between success and failure in these moments is pivoting quickly and finding the opportunity. Maybe you’ll come across a new niche that you love. Maybe you’ll discover that your clients actually really need a different product to add to their wellness routine that they didn’t know about yet. You get to be the one to show them the amazing products that are still available, educate them on why using these products will make their life better, and keep selling the intangible feelings you’ve actually been selling all along.


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